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Why is your Blog called Modern Moochi?

Moochi is the nickname I have for my son. Its one of my favorite words because parenting my son has been one of the most rewarding and scary challenges in my life. I chose the word Modern because its brings to mind words like; fashionable, trend-setting, clean lines and current – all things I strive for in my daily outfits, home decor, party planning and other creative outlets in my life.


What is your family like?

I am married to my husband, A. He’s funny, hardworking and the most interesting and fun person I’ve ever met. We have a one-year-old son, Michael. We also have a dog, Dexter. Dexter is a cavalier king charles. 

How old is Moochi?

He was born in July of 2016.

What is your real job?

I am an attorney in Indiana. I practice construction law for a company that does work on industrial facilities. 

 When do you have time to write blog posts?

I write on the weekends. Sometimes I will have an idea for a post and it will sit as a draft for a month. The whole blog sat as a draft until I had time to go live during labor day weekend of 2017. The blog is a hobby.


Why did you start the fashion portion of your blog?

I got sick of watching other fashion bloggers and wondering how things they wore would look on my body. I figured other women were wondering the same. My blog is about real life and being really imperfect.

Do you use photoshop?

When I work with a professional photographer, they often use Photoshop to lighten photos or resize. They also might remove a small imperfection from the background of the photo. I specifically ask any photographer I work with not to edit me. I want my readers to see how a real person actually looks. 

Who takes your photos?

My husband and mom take most of my photos and they both have an incredible knack for taking the most unflattering photos possible. I have been fortunate to work with a professional photographer from time to time. I always mention whether a professional took a give photo in the actual post. If you like the style that a photographer uses, please reach out to them for your own photography needs! If you have any questions about my experience, please email me at: modernmoochi@gmail.com

How tall are you?


What size are you? 

Currently a size 10 8. I’ve been everything from a size 4 to a size 14 in my life. I’ve had days where I felt like a bluberous slob and beautiful woman at all sizes. 

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